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Applications in Forensic Science and Anthropology

Digital reconstruction of Egyptian King  Tutankhamen's skull and face.

Digital 3D reconstruction of ancient Egyptian
King Tutankhamun's skull and face.
In addition to acting as aids for reconstructive surgery, biomodels can prove useful in forensic science trauma cases. Surface and fracture details in a subject's skull or other bones may serve as evidence that can suggest or disprove a postulated mechanism of injury.

These features can be replicated as three dimensional anatomical facsimiles in our biomodels for demonstrative purposes and to provide a more accessible means of examination.

Biomodels can also be applied to anthropology for more historical and humanitarian applications. Biomodels can serve as more robust replications of otherwise fragile remains that may be costly to work with, inaccessible, or difficult to preserve.

Using the CT-scans that disproved the theory that King Tut had been murdered by a blow to the head, BMI worked with forensic artist Greg Mahoney of the Boston Police Department to provide a reconstruction of Tut's skull and face that show what the pharaoh may have looked like when he was alive.