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Patient-Specific Models &
Anatomical Engineering

We produce custom 3D anatomical models for dental, medical, and biomedical engineering applications.

We process CT and MRI medical scan data to produce both physical (3D-printed) and virtual (CAD-compatible) models that are accurate three-dimensional representations of patient-specific anatomy.

Our biomodels are used for visualization, surgical planning, superior implant production, medical device development, surgical simulation, and healthcare education.

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Products & Services


Our Biomodels are anatomically accurate physical replicas of patient specific anatomy from medical imaging data (typically CT or MRI).

To produce these models, we process the scan data scan data into three-dimensional data that can be built by various means of 3D printing. Various build process and material options and finishing treatments are available for these Biomodels.

Biomodel of full jaw with tumor shown in red.


Our BioCAD models provide anatomical data in the form of workable CAD models. They are CAD-compatible models of patient anatomy that can be measured, modified, and used in biomedical device design, development, and simulation testing.

These workable models are available in various formats that are compatible with modern engineering CAD software including SOLIDWORKS ™, parasolid, .STEP, and . IGES formats.

BMI has been recognized as a SOLIDWORKS ™ Solutions Partner for our BioCAD product.

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Anatomical Engineering

We also provide anatomical engineering and design services to help our clients find solutions to their specific anatomically-related projects. We can also assist you in acquiring anatomical data.

BioCAD models of human vasculature.

Notable Cases

We have produced models for a wide range of projects. Some of our notable cases are featured below.

For more examples of our work, please view our models gallery on the full desktop version of our website.

Featured in Full-Color 3D Printer Launch

Stratasys Ltd.'s launch of the J750 polyjet printer featured some of our models including illustrative models of head, hand, and heart anatomy. The models employ multiple materials and wide range of colors.

Full color 3D printed model of head, neck, and brain.

Improving Surgical Education and Clinical Practice

BMI worked with Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to explore the use of biomodels as tools for studying pathological anatomy, communication, planning, and decision making in a surgical setting.

3D printed model assembly of liver with tumor and blood vessels.

Blockman: A Work of Modern Anatomical Art

BMI contributed to the production of Matthew Day Jackson's Blockman, a modern sculpture that features a tessellated version of the human skeleton.

Partial profile view of Matthew Day Jackson's 'Blockman' sculpture.

Biomodels in 'Inside Dentistry'

The dental journal Inside Dentistry featured an article discussing the use of our models for visualizing, planning, and placing dental implants.

Mandibular biomodel featured in dental journal.

King Tut Revealed

Using 1,700 CT images of King Tutankhamen's skull, BMI produced a digital reconstruction of the ancient pharaoh's face.

Facial reconstruction rendering of King Tutenkhamen.

Conjoined Twins Separation

BMI undertook a most unusual and exciting case - the separation of conjoined twins from Guatemala, Maria Teresa and Maria de Jesus Quiej Alvarez.

Separated conjoined twins Maria Teresa and Maria de Jesus Quiej Alvarez.


3D Visualization & A Tactile Interface

Because human vision is stereographic and surgery is largely tactile, there are significant advantages of examining a three-dimensional model in your hands over viewing a two-dimensional rendering through a screen. BMI biomodels offer the advantages of three-dimensional visualization, a tactile interface, high measurement accuracy and precision and a platform for personalized medicine.

Personalized Medicine

MRI and CT scans are currently the diagnostic basis for most complex surgeries. At BMI we use MRI and CT scan data to produce highly accurate, three-dimensional, life-sized medical models.

The use of accurate patient-specific anatomical data can play critical roles in personalized medicine, the study of various pathological anatomies, and the development of medical devices.


Surgery & Prosthetics

BMI biomodels have proven to be valuable tools in preoperative planning (implant dentistry, tumor resections, reconstructive surgery), surgical simulation, the production of patient-specific prostheses (anaplastology and craniofacial reconstruction), and doctor-patient communication.

Research & Engineering

Our biomodels and BioCAD have been used in the testing, research, and development of medical devices.

Education, Forensics, & Art

Our products and services have also been applied to the design and production of educational models in health care, forensic science, anthropological studies, and anatomically-based artwork.


Biomedical Modeling, Inc. (BMI) is an entrepreneurial company based in Boston, MA that began as a semi-finalist business venture in the 1998 MIT 50K Competition.

We specialize in the production of physical and virtual models that replicate patient-specific anatomies from CT or MRI scan data for various medical, dental, and engineering applications. BMI has been a SolidWorks Solutions Partner since 2005 for our BioCAD product, which makes anatomical data accessible in a NURBS, CAD-compatible format.

In addition to our Biomodels and BioCAD products, we offer anatomical engineering services and look forward to helping you find solutions for your individual project needs.

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