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Our Products and Services

BMI's services are geared towards the production of two major categories of anatomical models: physical biomodels and virtual BioCAD models. We provide design and engineering services applied onto the anatomical geometries of these models. We also can assist you in the acquisition of anatomical data.


Our Biomodels are anatomically accurate physical replicas of patient specific anatomy from CT or MRI scan data.

To produce these models, we process the scan data scan data into three-dimensional data that can be built by various means of 3D printing. Various build process and material options and finishing treatments are available for these Biomodels.

BMI Biomodels have been used in dentistry, medicine, and for a variety of other applications.

Biomodel of full jaw with tumor.
Biomodel of full jaw with tumor shown in red.

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Our BioCAD models provide anatomical data in the form of workable CAD models. They are CAD-compatible models of patient anatomy that can be measured, modified, and used in the design of biomedical devices.

These workable models are available in various formats that are compatible with modern engineering CAD software including SOLIDWORKS ™, parasolid, .STEP, and . IGES formats.

SOLIDWORKS  Solution Partner badge BMI has been recognized as a SOLIDWORKS ™ Solutions Partner for our BioCAD product. Biomedical engineers have used our BioCAD models for medical device development and simulation.

CAD models of human heart and aorta branches (with hose barb additions).
BioCAD models of human vasculature.

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Design and Engineering Services

We offer design and engineering services to incorporate mechanical features and modified anatomy into our models. We will work with you to design functional models that meet your requirements.

3D renderings of our models can be provided for review prior to their final production.

Biomodel of mirrored ear for custom prosthesis production.
Mirrored ear for custom prosthesis production.

Examples of design services we have provided:
  • Adding flanges and ports to anatomy to facilitate medical device testing.
  • Designing assembly features into models with multiple component parts.
  • Mirroring data to create custom prostheses based on patient anatomy.
  • Development of CT phantom models and educational models simulating tactile feel of tissues

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Data Acquisition

BMI can assist you in acquiring anatomical data:

Anatomical Library - If you are interested in a model that is based on normal human anatomy, we may be able to provide suitable data from our anatomical library.

3D Laser Scanning - We can provide 3D laser scanning services on objects such as dental casts.

Finding a CT Scanning Center -
If you would like assistance on locating a convenient CT scanning center, please see our Resources Page.

3D surface data from laser scan of dental cast.
3D surface data from laser scan of dental cast.

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