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Site Map

The following is a linked outline and site map of our company website.

  1. Home - Website home page.

  2. About BMI - A brief description about Biomedical Modeling, Inc. and what we do.

    1. In the Press
      Highlighted case studies in which BMI has been involved and noted upon in the press.

    2. From Our Customers
      Quotes from our customers about our Biomodels.

  3. Contact Us - Information for contacting us online and via phone, fax, or mail.

  4. Products and Services - A brief description of BMI's products and services.

    1. Advantages of Biomodels
      Information about advantages of using Biomodels for medical applications.

    2. Workflow and Fabrication Process
      A description of our workflow from 2D image data to 3D model and the physical fabrication of biomodels.

  5. Applications of Biomodels - Overview of various applications of our products and services.

    1. Implant Dentistry
      Dental applications of our products and services.

    2. Surgery and Prosthetics
      Medical applications of our products and services.

    3. Biomedical Engineering
      Engineering, simulation, and medical device development applications of our products and services.

    4. Education and Training
      Educational applications of our products and services.

    5. Forensic Science and Anthropology
      Forensic applications of our products and services

    6. Anatomical Art
      Artistic applications of our products and services

  6. Ordering - An overview of BMI's quoting and ordering process.

    1. Scanning Protocols
      CT, Conebeam CT, and MDCT guidelines for obtaining patient scan data for Biomodel production.

      1. General CT Scanning Guidelines for Biomodels (PDF)
        General CT scanning protocol for biomodels.

      2. Dental (Cone-beam) CT Scanning Protocol(PDF)
        Dental CT scanning protocol for BioDental models.

      3. Conventional CT (MDCT) Scanning Protocol (PDF)
        PMDCT scanning proticol for BioDental models.

    2. Request A Quote
      An general quote request form for BMI products and services.

    3. Order Form for Dental Models
      Information about ordering standard models for implant dentistry.

      1. Printable BioDental Model Order Form (PDF)
        A printable .PDF document of BMI BioDental Model order form.

    4. File Transfer
      Instructions for sending us scan data online or by courier.

    5. Additional Resources
      Additional third party resources for 3D viewing software, dental laboratories, scanning centers, etc.

  7. Gallery - A photo gallery of some of our Biomodels and anatomical CAD models.

  8. Site Map - A map of our company website.


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Biomedical Engineering
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Scanning Protocols
File Transfer
Additional Resources