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Biomedical Modeling Inc. translates CT and MRI data into accurate anatomical 3D reconstructions. We also have a library of different anatomical structures, or we can help you acquire suitable data for your project.

Our model data can be output in a form to meet your needs:

Biomodels - physical replicas and phantoms

BioCAD - CAD files in a format suitable for medical device design: STEP, IGES, sldprt, stl, fea, cfd, obj, etc.

An Overview of 3D file formats

There are 3 basic types of 3D file formats:

1 - Surface/Graphics files, like STL and VRML, which can be visualized but not manipulated in CAD packages.

2 - Solid files, like IGES and STEP, are made of curves and NURBS surfaces. These files can be imported into CAD and manipulated, but are not as easy to work with as parametric files

3 - Parametric files are composed of solid geometric shapes such as spheres, cones, cubes, etc. These files are native to CAD packages and provide more maneuverability than any of the other file types.

CAD-compatible Anatomical Models

Our BioCAD models are three dimensional NURBS models that are compatible with standard CAD formats. These models can be used for collecting measurements and executing computer simulated analysis to improve medical device designs.

BioCAD output files may also be used for the production of physical models via additive manufacturing or machining in the case of models with simpler geometries.

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We are a SOLIDWORKS ™ Solution Partner for our BioCAD product and services.

Photo of BMI's SOLIDWORKS Solution Award.
BMI's SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner award.

CAD model of aortic valve.
CAD model of aortic valve.

CAD model of sinuses.
CAD model of sinuses.

CAD model of sinuses.
CAD model of aortic valve.

CAD model of femur head.
CAD model of femur head.